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Glass Additions Can Make Your Buffalo, NY Space Beautiful!

Storefront Glass Replacement Buffalo, NY
Beveled glass is made using thick glass to create an angled surface that acts as a prism. The different colors from the sun’s reflection can give a glass table top or mirror an elegant touch of luxury and beauty. If you’re looking to have a beveled glass table top or mirror made, give Affordable Auto & Plate Glass Coby's a call. We can create stunning and durable beveled glass, beveled wall mirrors, and other beveled mirrors that will add a touch of style to your home. 

Each of our beveled glass pieces can be customized and cut exactly to your liking to create a unique combination of beautiful colors when the sun strikes it. We can create round, square, and rectangular table tops, or something else that you have in mind.
Mirror Walls Installation Buffalo, NY

Window Glass Replacement Service For Your Business

Window Glass Replacement Buffalo, NY
If you own a commercial property, whether it be an office space or a retail storefront, broken glass can negatively impact your business. Broken glass is not only dangerous, but it severely decreases the protection that glass offers, from both the elements and thieves. If a customer or client visits your business and sees broken glass or a boarded up window, what will they think? Most likely, visitors would look down on your business for not being able to repair the glass right away. That's why we are here! Our technicians offer window glass replacement services for any window in your business. We can remove the broken window and install the new one in no time at all!

Just give us a call at 716-896-3318 and we’d be happy to sit down and discuss your wishes with you. 
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