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Improve Your Bathroom With a Beautiful Glass Shower Door

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One of the hottest trends in bathroom renovations is the installation of frameless shower doors, usually paired with a walk-in shower. Gone are the days when most homeowners would choose to have a simple shower/tub combo with a kitschy shower curtain in their master bath. A beautifully tiled, spacious, and luxurious shower revealed by a crystal-clear shower door is the way to go.

At Coby's Affordable Auto & Plate Glass, we are proud to offer glass shower door installation for the entire Buffalo, NY area. We can custom-make your new shower door and install it perfectly. It’ll be the crowning glory of your bathroom renovation, the part you’ll be proudest to show off to family, friends, and neighbors!
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About Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower doors are generally made from tempered glass, which is not only much stronger and less likely to break than traditional glass, but also less hazardous if it does break. (Tempered glass breaks into small chunks that are not as sharp as traditional glass.) Shower doors can also be made from laminated glass, which is even safer. Laminated glass looks just like normal glass, but it’s actually created from two sheets of glass with a sheet of clear vinyl in between. Even if the glass breaks, the shards will still stick to the vinyl.

Once safety concerns are addressed, it’s time to customize your shower! Many homeowners prefer the perfectly clear shower door (the better to show off the tile and fixtures when the shower is not in use), but some are less enthusiastic about that idea. The good news is, you can opt for a frosted, patterned, or even colored shower door. There are even privacy glass doors available.

Finally, it’s time to consider maintenance and upkeep. While glass shower doors are relatively easy to keep clean, you can take extra steps to ensure they sparkle for years to come. Talk to us about options to seal your new shower door. The right seal can keep soap scum, shampoo residue, and other unsightly elements from seeping into the pores of the glass. The result will be a beautiful shower door that is easy to keep clean!

If you’d like to learn more about our glass shower doors, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our technicians would be happy to tell you more about the glass shower door installation and design process. Call today!
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